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My Sensory Room 

Embracing our Obstacles to become Unstoppables

Indoor sensory room, basement install. This room was custom designed to accomodate the whole family. A sensory gym with a cross fit twist. Monkey bars, Swings, Obstacles cousre, speed bag, punching bag, rock climbing walls

 Welcome to My Sensory Room a place where we offer the perfect solution to turn your sensory space dream into a reality. Our custom built indoor sensory gyms provide a wide range of therapeutic and entertainment tools to create an engaging and stimulating environment. Let us help you create the perfect sensory space to suit your needs.

We're a sensory gym company dedicated to providing custom-built sensory spaces that offer the perfect solution for sensory needs. Our high-quality, affordable sensory rooms are designed to deliver therapeutic benefits in a safe and comfortable environment. With our personalized approach, you can look forward to a first-class sensory experience.



My Sensory Room specializes in custom indoor playgrounds for children of all ages. From indoor play structures and obstacle courses to imaginative play centers and sensory rooms, we have a variety of projects to suit any need. Here are a few pictures of some of our projects to give you an idea of what we can do. We invite you to read more about our projects and contact us with any questions.

Indoor sensory room at a hostpital. Play structure offers wheelchair ramp and handicap accessible doors. One of a kind set of stairs to test children with special needs, to time one how long it would take to walk up and down a set of stairs

This gym was done for a hospital. The wheelchair ramp was a last minute add on. Our team constructed and built from scratch a certified wheelchair ramp in the parking lot during a snowstorm. The pyramid stairs were designed by our founder here at My Sensory Room. They were designed for the state to help with a timed test, to see how long it would take a child to go up and down a set a stairs.   

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